the great predator-exposed debacle of 2k15

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the great predator-exposed debacle of 2k15

Post by quality on Thu Apr 09, 2015 9:09 pm

so there's some pretty big tumblr drama going down right now and it's amazing and i feel it must be shared with the tomoquois people

so, here we gooooooo


8:39 PM - applejack drinking appaloosa: xkit is a free tumblr app that's coded by a guy named xenix
8:40 PM - applejack drinking appaloosa: yesterday afternoon, people started circulating rumors about him being a sexual predator by way of a popular blog called predator-exposed
8:40 PM - applejack drinking appaloosa: predator-exposed, despite the fact that these rumors were ages old and had no sources to back them up or any evidence to give credence to them, decided to give them a public venue
8:40 PM - applejack drinking appaloosa: tumblr users being tumblr users took it at face value
8:41 PM - applejack drinking appaloosa: now the dude responsible for x-kit is being bombarded with hate, could very possibly have his life ruined, has suffered a mental breakdown and will not be updating his tumblr app anymore
8:41 PM - applejack drinking appaloosa: and odds are he won't be returning to tumblr
8:42 PM - applejack drinking appaloosa: and to top this shit off, the blog that started all this shit, predator-exposed
8:43 PM - applejack drinking appaloosa: made a really half-assed apology that included the extremely mature response of "Completely ignoring and even denying the supposed actions of anyone because they are a popular figure on this website and instead attacking someone not involved in their actions shadows victim blaming culture."
8:43 PM - MikeVenoms™: Wow I'd have a mental breakdown too if I was catering to tumblr
8:44 PM - applejack drinking appaloosa: dude is a college student with no money at all
8:44 PM - applejack drinking appaloosa: his money mostly comes off of donations he gets for making and maintaining his tumblr apps
8:44 PM - applejack drinking appaloosa: maintaining x-kit is pretty much his livelyhood and some complete fucktards just ruined it for him and are not even remotely sorry about it
8:45 PM - applejack drinking appaloosa: by allowing some completely uneducated shit to get a public venue
8:45 PM - applejack drinking appaloosa: the beauty of tumblr



Addressing the “false accusations” placed on the xkit guy.
To start off, we’d like to remind you of the purpose of this blog. The purpose of predator-exposed is not to put false accusations on people, but to give victims the opportunity to speak out against their abusers both online and off. This blog was created to both help create, and store master posts regarding predators and abusers on this website to warn potential victims, and reduce the repeated offense rate on this website. There are several individuals who run this blog, and both posts in question were made by two different admins. There is no one admin to point blame on for this public misunderstanding.
I also want to address the fact that there was no actual “accusation” made for a label of “false accusations” to surface. An individual who wishes to remain anonymous had spoken to one of the admins through imessage about some events that occurred between them and Atesh, better known as “the xkit guy”, while Atesh was of-age and said individual was underage. Seeing that the individual wished to be anonymous and there were no other people who had spoken to any of us regarding Atesh, there was nothing we could do but make a post asking anyone to come out if they’ve had any experiences with him. It was a question, not an accusation nor call out post. Stop treating it as such.
We didn’t/don’t have the means to call someone out when we have no evidence (that we’re allowed to post) to back it up.
Completely ignoring and even denying the supposed actions of anyone because they are a popular figure on this website and instead attacking someone not involved in their actions shadows victim blaming culture.
If you take a close look at our blog, you will notice that not only does all predatory call-out post have numerous links and photo evidence attached to it but we have previously made multiple post asking victims to contact us off anon, and/or with some form of evidence of their claim to avoid confusion and false accusations.
However; we are greatly sorry for the mass confusion that has been caused. It’s not, nor was it ever, our intention to spread false allegations. Our goal was simply to reach other victims in a case of predatory behavior. As a team, we have analyzed over the posts in question and because of the lack-of evidence able to be publicized we have decided to deleted the “potential alert” post and all other posts regarding this topic. We will also take an extra precaution towards editing and publishing posts regarding individuals, to stop any severe wording errors pointed out by many of you from happening again. We will work harder in the future so something like this never happens again. We sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding.


you talk about victim blame when atesh is the victim and you are the abuser SOOOOOO

You know, you can take your non-apology and attempt at guilt tripping (“Shadows victim blaming” HA) and shove it square back up your arse

You have no moral high ground here. None. Absolutely fucking none. You got one post, from an anon, on a  website that’s fucking notorious for misinformation and lynch mobs and you destroyed a man’s mental state over it.  And now you’re getting called on it, so you’re running squealing to an attempt to paint yourselves the victims.


You have failed. You claim to have the ability and right to hold a very knife-edge position of determining truth from falsity and you have failed spectacularly in your self-appointed role.    You started a witch hunt. You targeted an innocent person and you set a fucking lynch mob on him based on no evidence whatsoever.

Would you like to discuss shadowing?  I would. Because your behaviour and your complete lack of a non-apology shadows - hell, outright mimics - the worst of trashy tabloids who bank on hitting the trigger button of moral outrage and hope they don’t ever get called on it.  In fact, I’m pretty damned sure your reasoning for posting on Atesh was because he was a big name and you thought you’d get some fucking popularity out of it.

You have lost any and all credibility whatsoever.   Get the fuck out.

This is why vigilantism is illegal. Because you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re not prepared to do what you’re doing, and you not successful at what you’re doing.

If you want to help people, which I strongly believe is a good thing, go about it in a different manner. Like the heart is there, but the mind is not.

Maybe, you should start analyzing your posts before you publish them, yeah? Do you not see how dangerous it is to post unverified information about people, especially permanently damaging information like you did with xkit. Not even. If you were actually sorry for all the damage you did on the site over the past 24 hours, you’d delete this awful vigilante justice blog. Really, everyone should report what you’re doing to Tumblr and force you off the site.

The irony of your blog is that you supposedly expose predators, yet you seem to be the biggest one of all.

holy shit… what an absolutely abysmal apology?? it’s super condescending and just… they’re placing the blame on people who misinterpreted their shitty post, rather than owning up to their terrible mistake. holy shit.

Ya’ll should have expected something like this to happen. This is the problem with tumblr. The users don’t fact-check before jumping down people’s throats. Users on here will doxx someone for literally any reason even if it’s just a different opinion than theirs. False accusations happen A LOT on here. Your admins should be aware of that and take measures to make sure that doesn’t happen. Also, don’t apologize to tumblr. Apologize to the guy you falsely accused, which you did since he was mentioned on your blog several times. Also, why does this blog need to exist? Tumblr is way too toxic for a blog like this not to be heavily abused. If you’re doing more than reporting people to the police then I suggest deleting this fucking terrible blog before you ruin other peoples’ lives.

I’m just surprised a blog where one can obviously push through false accusations hasnt been called out on this before.

Don’t apologise to us for any “misunderstandings” you need to fucking apologise to the man whose life you just destroyed.

Don’t fucking care if that wasn’t your intentions. You sent this man into a mental fucking breakdown. He deserves a direct apology at the least! He’s done so much shit for this site, for free, and tumblr hounds him down over one anon! That you put a warning for!

“Be cautious, we got ONE person saying this guys pretty shifty so we’re on high alert! Despite the fact (and using ‘unfortunately’ for the fact you ahve no evidence is a shit choice of wording) that no-one else has come forward and we have no other proof, ~~~BE AWARE~~~~~”

It’s good that you’re admitting you fucked up (albeit very shittily to the point this barely counts), but you’re admitting to the wrong. Fucking. People.

Also, its not a fucking apology if you accuse everyone pissed at you for supporting rape culture. Don’t think I don’t see that passive aggressive shit. It’s not rape culture to be skeptical of an anon’s claim that has no proof whatsoever. You wanna know why? Shit like this happens.

Fuck off with this apology. I’m done with this cesspool.

There were a million other ways you could have handled that. With such a huge following you should have known how heavy the consequence of such thoughtless carelessness are.

His deteriorated mental health is your responsibility,  and you should apologize directly to him as well.

Good job on making an “apology” which doesn’t take any responsibility and tries to victimize yourself.  You ruined someones life, you make a post apologizing to the community of tumblr when you should be apologizing to him. You contributed to the horrible callout culture of tumblr by taking someone who has done nothing wrong and accused them of a heinous crime. Take this “apology” and shove it up your ass.

Good job for starting all of this mess and good job once again for playing the “victim cards”,you should address this apology to the man himself not to us you shit face

It was a call out post. No matter what you say. The point of predator exposed sites is to help victims. This didn’t help victims it just helped reinforce the idea about how people lie just to bring down people who don’t deserve it. Because xkit sure as hell didn’t deserve it. This also, as you should know, only helps to scare off those who make real accusations in fear that they’ll be turned away or cause an unreal scandal like this because it’s all in their head. You say now you’re going to fix it. But what about xkit. How will you fix all the emotional trauma he went through due to your unfortunate mistake. He’s probably helped as many people as you maybe more. And you took his innocence away. ‘We’re going to fix it now’ why did you wait? If you’re a blog about exposing predators shouldn’t you have taken precaution in the first place. Do what you can to fix it now. But you can’t fix what you did to him. You and all those hateful messengers.

this makes me pretty sick. I’m tired of this thing tumblr has been doing where we all freak out because something MIGHT be bad, but nobody fucking bothers to actually research. We just spread it all around in hopes of digging up dirt or feeling good that we helped protect each other. but NO, that’s NOT what happened here. Maybe you wanted to protect potential victims, and that’s fine. But I wouldn’t have jumped the gun and made a “this might be true. Spread it around so we can find out” post. I would have asked whoever the original victim in question was to provide some more concrete fucking evidence before opening up to the public.

holy. fucking. shit.

I dont care if its x-kit guy or joe shmo. You don’t do this stuff to people. fuck off.

FUCK YOU, you dont go out there acussing people with no evidence you piece of shit, none of you asshole is capacitated to run a blog with this kind of objective

Ruining his life because “OMG CALLOUT IM A JUSTICE PALADIN” shut the fuck up OP shut up and never speak again you piece of filth.

You ruined someone’s life because of nothing and now you want people to be accepting just a simple apology? GO APOLOGISE TO HIM not us by doing this you show that you only care about the reblogs and likes in your shitty blog, how do i know this? I FUKING DONT but may aswell take on your method of fact cheking you dipshit.


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Re: the great predator-exposed debacle of 2k15

Post by xx_gladhander-freedom on Thu Apr 09, 2015 9:18 pm


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Re: the great predator-exposed debacle of 2k15

Post by quality on Thu Apr 09, 2015 9:39 pm

this shit is incredible

Lost credibility? Fuck no. They never had any credibility to begin with. What they are is a shit-stirring burn-book blog masquerading as a legitimate social service. The self-righteous and deluded dishonesty that is their modus operandi is downright disgusting.

There is no reason for blogs like this to exist. If actual predatory activity is happening, then the victim can damned well document it and send it off to tumblr staff, local law enforcement, whatever official channels are set up for dealing with this sort of thing. Not write in to some vigilante “justice” blog that doesn’t even require evidence and has no real power to do anything but set an online lynch mob on the accused.

You’re not “helping victims speak out against their abusers.” What utter bullshit. You’re creating an environment where anyone can become the recipient of tidal waves of abuse based on a single person’s word. It’s so contradictory to your supposed end goals that I would laugh, if it didn’t make me sick to my stomach.

Eat shit OP. You should take your smug self righteous behavior and shove it up your ass

You should be apologizing to xkit guy instead

Considering your actions lead to a most likely innocent person being driven into a mental breakdown, I’d tone it down on the thinly veiled passive aggressive accusations and the holier than thou attitude this post is drenched in. No one is going to take this “apology” seriously with the way it’s worded.

From what I’ve seen, people didn’t rally behind xkit guy because he’s popular, but because he was literally getting attacked over nothing. There wasn’t a single shred of evidence to support your allegation, even after you actively asked for people to come forward. I know it must be a novel concept to some, but you do indeed need to provide at least some evidence in order to support your claim, because otherwise it makes for a system that’s really easy to abuse. Your boyfriend broke up with you? Accuse him of rape. Just your accusation should be enough to get him convicted, otherwise the police and the court are just victim blaming. Surely you see the madness in that too.

You may not have been the one wielding the pitchforks, but I’m sure you’re aware of the nutcases roaming this site. Tumblr isn’t known for its rational userbase. Any moron could’ve predicted that some scumbags would go after the guy without having any proof of the crimes he’s indirectly accused of. Like it or not, you are largely responsible for the damage you’ve caused him, and quite frankly, I find it just sad that a blog that claims to stick up for victims doesn’t appear to actually care when they themselves make victims, which is most certainly what you’ve done.

You’re not even actually apologizing for what you’ve caused, you’re not taking even the slightest bit of responsibility for your part in that mess, you’re apologizing for “misunderstandings” aka, “Sorry you guys took it the wrong way”. Man up and admit you did a shitty thing without trying to spin it onto someone else, also, maybe consider directing your apologies at the guy you fucked over, not that it’ll undo what’s been done, but it would be the decent thing to do. And definitely be more careful about what you say and do in the future, because next time you won’t be able to pretend you didn’t know what your post would start.

Except y’all went to press with no receipts except a single claim that was not investigated properly or thoroughly. That is a disgusting abuse of your blog.

You called to ask for evidence of others to come forward based on a set of iMessages without any sort of further anything. As a person who has been a victim of sexual abuse, I absolutely support victims coming forward. But call out blogs have no right to start posting calls for other supposed victims to step forward while falsely naming someone as a potential predator without more concrete evidence.

You are literally on a website that is known to believe things without fact checking. You people were supposed to be responsible for making sure you didn’t contribute to that culture further. False accusations are rare, this is absolutely true - but they DO exist. We saw what happened with the Rolling Stone article on UVA. The entire thing was concocted by the initial source. Now more than EVER it is imperative we make sure we check for accuracy and research these claims. Receipts are IMPERATIVE. Posting a “HEY FOLKS WE NEED ANY OTHER VICTIMS OF (THIS PERSON) TO COME FORWARD” is NOT a way to gain those! At all!

You should be ashamed of yourself for perpetrating this kind of toxic callout culture without asserting a claim’s validity first.

So how does this work?

Do you have trained Staff to help people who come to you when they were groomed or abused or raped? Do you encourage them to go to the police? If not, stop this shit, it doesnt help. Yeah sure MAYBE the people who follow your blog will be aware of a certain username here, but it doesnt help if the predator switches sites or OMYGOSH he makes a new account under a new name.

Now that this is out of the way, the question that burns in my mind: How could you think that “Hey has anyone ever been been raped/groomed/abused by X” is a good idea? I don’t get it. Of course everyone who reads that would think something is wrong with X.

“However; we are greatly sorry for the mass confusion that has been caused.”

Translation: we are sorry that, just this once, our groundless, uncritically accepted and mostly unsubstantiated smears have come back to bite us in the ass.

“We will work harder in the future so something like this never happens again. We sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding.”

Is a goddamn lie, and you know that perfectly well.

If all their other claims had proof, then they shouldn’t have posted this one without proof. If there was evidence that he was guilty of these accusations, then I’m sure that Tumblr would have held him accountable.

They can’t claim that the only intention of the original post was not to accuse, but to question. You can’t ask, “Hey, do you know if so-and-so has ever robbed someone?” without implying that: a) you believe it’s true or b) it is true, we just need proof.

They messed up. They apologized for it, but it doesn’t repair the damage done. Both Xkit guy and the victims that could have benefited from this blog will suffer for what has happened. Hopefully, the blog will learn from their mistakes and not do something like this again.

It’s actually fucking disgusting how you think you have the authority to do what you are doing. You’re posting allegations of sexual assault (which could and has ruined peoples lives) without any evidence. That’s vigilantism. You’re not the police, stay out of it. The sheer arrogance displayed here is astounding.

no like seriously though op delete your whole fucking blog
this is the exact same kind of shit of why i’m against doxxing. dumbfucks with access to google earth think they’re fucking superheros because they pulled up a stranger’s name and found their address
except, you know, more often than not? a fucking stranger gets pulled into this shit and ends up getting knives and used condoms sent to their houses. see the random elderly zimmerman couple who were harassed during the trayvon martin case because fuckheads like you act without thinking first
you’re fucking children who act without thinking first, and that’s all you’ll ever be.

Congratulations, you created a victim! You basically caused the harassment and abuse of someone who had done nothing. Well done.

The fact that no evidence was shown just solidifies how disgusting this was. No screenshots to prove there was even someone who got a message in the first place.

“Apologize for any misunderstanding” my ass.

Someone who had done nothing but try to make this site tolerable had a mental breakdown because of your bullshit. You have tarnished his name with no evidence, caused him harassment, and made a victim. And don’t you people dare try to call this victim shaming when you are creating victims yourselves.

This entire thing reads as a non-apology.

Regardless of what the intention of the initial post was, it did serious harm. As shamelessfancies stated, you have created a victim. Take responsibility for your actions. Excusing it as “multiple moderators” is ridiculous.

You are all responsible for the content on that blog. I’ll repeat that: you are all responsible for the content on that blog. If you cannot handle being responsible for someone else’s fuck up, then don’t be part of a group-moderated blog.

You cannot say that the posts in question were the responsibility of 2 members, and then use “we” to discuss further actions. Even though you have stated “there is no one admin to point blame on for this public misunderstanding,” you are insinuating that somehow, the other moderators of this blog have no responsibility for what the other two have said/done.

You are either separate, or you are together.

This is not an apology. This is an excuse.



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Re: the great predator-exposed debacle of 2k15

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